Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sir Richard Mottram

Rumour has it that 150 mags courts will be closed, and a further 30% lopped off the legal aid budget.

To quote a phrase widely attributed to the abovementioned gentleman in the wake of the 9/11 news-burying fiasco;

"We're all fucked. I'm fucked. You're fucked. The whole department is fucked. It's the biggest cock-up ever, and we're all completely fucked".

For "department", read "legal aid system and the Magistrates' Court".

I would apologise for my language, but if you're more offended by a spot of anglo-saxon than the gross injustice that will inevitably result from such cuts, you need your head examining, and merit further such language, probably questioning your parentage and breeding.


  1. Whilst this is being implemented, you and your colleagues should take care to notice the Police Prosecutors MoJ will be sliding in behind your backs. Meanwhile, on the other side, look for (in England), the appearance of "Advocates" - people who have "done a course" in how to represent the views of somebody unable to do so themselves - they and "Advocacy" are being promoted as an alternative to lawyers and legal advice for obvious economic reasons, without care for the effect on the needs of the poor, the ill and the inadequate.

  2. Announce 40% cut in number of courts, result outrage!

    Later announce 25% of courts will be reviewed, finally announce 15% cut in numbers, result relief that sense has prevailed.

    Or am I being unduly cynical?

  3. The Civil Service can't stand the thought of any job being done free-of-charge by amateurs, however good. Which is why they want paid District Judges rather than lay magistrates.
    But I believe it will have an effect on justice; witnesses who might be prepared to attend a local court are likely to be unwilling to travel longer distances which of necessity will involve more time and cost.

    As with schools, where they reduced the number in favour of huge establishments, the immediate running cost might have fallen, but the costs of school buses, traffic congestion, etc, has gone through the roof.

    If they close our nearest court, which is next door to the police station, just look at all the extra travel costs and police time, involved in going to the County Town, some twenty miles each way. Not very green!

  4. I would agree with the comments above:- Yes, we are all fucked!
    however, life goes on and we will just have to adapt for there is no doubt there is no money, so things will have to be done differently and if that upsets people wellI'm afraid there is not much can be done about that.


  6. Ed (not Bystander)July 16, 2010 at 4:04 AM

    To whom it may concern: the "awful truth" blog being spurted here can safely and profitably be ignored.

  7. The pigs have had there noses in the trough for too long, lots of greedy people are getting rich off the backs of the taxpayer and it has to stop.

  8. trouble is that those greedys are at the TOP!
    the little people are being trundled over and the tax payer continues to pay .. NOW for sub-standard service rather than mediocre