Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Racism, yet again.

Anyone remember that chap I wrote about a little while back? The one who had a quiet word with the papers?

Apparently the CPS gave him the old heave-ho. Gross misconduct, my sources say -- making up racist complaints.

You couldn't make it up. Apparently, he did. If half of what I hear about this racism thing is true, I'd like to know when to expect my automatic evil white man promotion...I fancy a crack at being DPP if that's OK, boss?

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  1. You couldn't make this up.
    There seems to be a gray train leaving from platform Lewisham and building up a head of steam. The rights and wrongs of this I cannot comment on, but what I can say is whatever went on :
    1. they were all on decent wages in any event;

    2. it seems to have taken a while for this activity to bubble to the surface;

    3. is it a tactical action to get ahead of the credit crunch and/or undoubted down sizing of the CPS; and

    4. whatever the result the sums of money sort in damages are repugnat when you have loyal members of our armed forces being blown to bits every day getting a pittnace in compensation compared to these hurt feeling cases.

    It makes me sick to the back teeth.