Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More racism

That poor Commander Ali Dizaei is, as predicted very recently, having a torrid time in one of Her Majesty's less comfortable hostelries.

The only surprise is that it took someone this long to attack him, and that it wasn't more serious. In fairness, he was sentenced to custody, not to having his lights punched out, and having the contents of a slop bucket chucked over his head.

Not that my local DJ doesn't look like he's fantasising about being able to impose such a sentence...

How long before Dizaei accuses the prison of racism?


  1. I hope that Dizaei sues the prison (vicarious tort); I hope that the prison Governor looses his job as a consequence and that an investigation is launched in order to determine whether or not there was any criminal negligence by the prison.

  2. This is not a propos Mr Dizaei but I saw this comment on Bystander today:

    "...Most prosecutors breathe a huge sigh when a bench wanders into court. Id rather a DJ any day. At least the work gets done quickly and by applying it to the sentencing guidelines instead of a bunch of middle class volunteers trying to square a round hole into their concept of justice...."

    Would you say this was an opinion generally held by prosecutors?

  3. As a member of one of those JP's who 'wander' into court, frankly I couldn't give two hoots whether prosecutors prefer us or a DJ, and neither would most of my colleagues I would imagine.

    Every solicitor before the courts in which I've sat gets the upmost of respect (CPS and defence) and I would expect no less in return, regardless of whether we've just wandered in, or it's a DJ who is presiding.

    JPs like DJs 'must' apply the sentencing guidelines (s125 Coroners and Justice Act 2009), so theoretically we should all sentence in a similar fashion anyway, so no worries about square/round or any other shape of justice then...

  4. Re: Dizaei: I imagine the prison will have a full risk-assessment on file, and that they had placed him in what was considered a safe wing. I doubt very much that they will be held liable. If, on the other hand, they'd stuck him in a Cat A prison, and told the other lags his previous job, that'd be different. I understand a favourite method of assault in such establishments is to heat sugar and a little water in a pan, to make a syrup, which can then be heated to over 100 degrees. The mixture is then poured over whichever poor sod you've taken a disliking to. I've seen the results, and they're not pretty. Rest assured he got off lightly.

    Re: lay benches / DJs...full post to follow.

  5. I liked this comment to the Time article.
    "Perhaps he can become president of the National Dirty Coppers in Prison Association and plead discrimination and demand special treatment."